1. Elementary and Middle School Workshops
    Where: Schools/youth groups
    When: am/pm or day
    Students will work on planning and developing plot; writing according to plans in fun and innovative ways, and learning how best to create links between each section of their narrative. Opportunities for personal writing, sharing, and small group editing and revision are built into the workshop sessions. Workshop sessions can be tailored to meet the individual needs of the school and class where possible. Contact me for full details.
  2. Youth and Adult Community Group Workshops
    Where: Your location
    When: hourly or half day
    Workshop sessions can be formal or informal, structured to a specific number of sessions building to an end point, or can be ongoing and explore the needs of the group as those needs arise. Opportunities for writing and sharing, with constructive criticism and supportive feedback are woven into the atmosphere of the workshop sessions. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.
  3. Small Group and Personal Workshops
    Where: your location
    When: hourly
    Tending toward the more informal, small group and personal workshops are a way to receive support and inspiration, and perhaps the kick start that your creativity might need. Sessions can be as short or long, and as input driven or quietly supportive as you feel you might need. Contact me to discuss your specific needs.